Thursday, 7 March 2013

A secret drinker...

A smart back street off the triangle in Clifton, a knock at a shiny black door and wait........

You'd be forgiven for thinking that I was awaiting entry to a Masonic lodge but in fact I am talking about an increasing trend of secret bars.  No sign outside, frosted glass at the windows and a locked door policy whereby you must ring the door bell to be allowed entry.  (If you are classy enough).

Think Made in Chelsea and you wont be far off the mark.  If you're after a quirky place to sample some exquisite cocktails with a couple of friends and want something just that little more civilised; this is going to be a treat indeed.

The bar I am talking about is Hyde & Co. and it may be worth while making a reservation before attending as on busy nights they are likely to just turn you away, additionally if you look a bit of a mess they are also likely to turn you away.  So boys bring out your blazer and pop on your best shoes.

Unsure what one drinks in such a place?  If you want your tastebuds to immediately transport you to a time of Agatha Christie, flapper dresses and cigarette holders then go for a cocktail with Chartreuse  like, "The Last Word" or their own twist on this timeless classic.  It's old fashioned but trust me it's worth it's price tag.

Another secret bar to try is Hyde & Co's sister bar situated close to the Hippodrome in Bristol.  The Milk Thistle has a different atmosphere to Hyde & Co although very similar in many ways.  I think it's a matter of personal preference as to which you like more.

Every city has secret bars for you to hunt out and sample.  Here's one I found in London Post any you have visited in the comments below. Enjoy........

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